Thursday, September 6, 2018

Weaving: 101

Sassy is learning to use iWeavelt on her iPad.
An exciting new challenge...

The program allows you to sample your
project choices: color, threading treadling
and choose an array of options. It will
track your progress as you thread or treadle.
You gain a record of your sample, a record-
keeping bonus.

The sample project in the photo is the
circles pattern by Iowa Weaver. It will be
woven on an 8 harnesses, yet another

Husband built the Sassy One a castle
( a finely crafted wooden shelf)
that attaches to the loom and serves
as the framework for the iPad.

Learning to design my own patterns using
the loom and the iPad inter-changeably
is the goal.

No resting on one's laurels as age 80
comes into view.