Monday, August 29, 2016

Madonna Scarf

Sassy wound a two color warp sett at 10 epi with sock
yarn and used the variegated yarn as weft. Lots of
gradual color changes... the scarf graces the styrofoam
head creating a Madonna to admire on an end of summer

Monday, August 22, 2016

Color Your Life

The first photo is a two ply wool sock weight warp sett at
12 ends to the inch and woven with a doubled weft. The
lime green was a fair choice but over-whelmed the colorful

In the second photo the space-dyed yarn woven as a singles weft
highlighted the color range but lacks the full body of the doubled

Choices choices... this way, that way. Sassy is always seeking
the middle ground, the fabric with the best drape, the loveliest
color range.

Sassy has been reading _Knit the Sky_ by Lea Redmond.
Redmond has a chapter that extols knitting your moods. Hmmm.
What color or colors would you choose to express your Monday

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Colorful Sunday

Finished the tercel warp. Looking forward to working with two ply wool using a two color threading. Trying to think in terms of cool hues to ward off the intense heat. Cool colors and wool definitely a contradiction. Stay cool!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Random Acts of Winding A Warp

Sassy longed to wind a warp that would remain random.
Did you know that it is difficult to maintain randomness?
Take my word for it. So, Ms. Jennifer found a site on the
internet that generated random integers. Sassy gave it a whirl.

The warp was wound with Sienna, Purple, Dk green and a
variegated Tercel which was comprised of all the other

So, in the heat of July she stood in the closet, yes Virginia,
the warping board is in a closet and wound the warp shown

It was a bear. It used odd as well as even numbers.. lots of
cutting and tying. But Tencel is the Sassy one's new favorite

Tercel feels like silk. Now Sassy can kick back and decide how to
thread the warp and which color or colors to use for the weft.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Sassy wishes to become a color guru.
People with Synthesia see color around
numbers or words or days of the week.

The sassy one is winding color cards
with tencel... a new yarn for her color
studies hoping to make a more colorful
warp and life.

Monday, July 11, 2016


Sassy has been missing-in-action. Spring cleaning  has been
the order of the day. Let's move on and call it summer cleaning.
Sorted the yarn bins, put the weaving magazines in order. Next
question what do you to do with them to keep them in order.

And have been diddling with a with warp to create a twill
pattern. Patterning always brings one to life's mysteries.
If only all conundrums could be solved with a treadling
sequence and 8 repeats of weft.

Stay cool and curious.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Color My Summer

Sassy has been hibernating in the AC
weaving rayon chenille scarves using
black, solid blue, and variegated accent.
Sett at 10 ends per inch with a solid
black weft the chenille created a soft
drape perfect for a scarf.

Now it is time to tie the fringe in tight twists.
Sassy plans to spritze it, roll it, secure it and
refrigerate it for several hours. Then it will go
in to the dryer for 10 minutes and be steam

She is anxiously awaiting the result of these
recommended finishing directions.

Say a prayer!