Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Blithewood Gardens

Crossing the river metaphorically and actually... Sassy
turned eighty-one in the company of two daughters
and two granddaughters.

We crossed our beloved Hudson River to visit the
gardens at Bard College. I told the girls that the
river is the legacy I will leave.

We have driven across the river, walked across it on
the walkway in Poughkeepsie and waded across
it in Warrens-burg, New York.Traveled to the
headwaters in the Adirondacks.

The mansion is beautiful and the mountain view
awesome. The garden qualifies as the magical garden
or the secret garden, your choice.

We shall return again to see the autumn colors. In the spring
we shall wear long dresses and straw hats and carry flower
baskets and be ladies of the manor.

A journey for the imagination, a place to savor in memory.


Diane said...

oh darn. Pat I am so sorry that I missed your birthday! I wish you a year ahead filled with so many joys you'll have difficulty knowing what to do with them!