Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Zen Weaving

This weaving sample was adapted from a shawl pattern
titled "Zen Weaving" with the tag: it has the appearance
of Japanese printed paper. How enticing.

The warp is 8/2 Tencel in gray and ecru at 15 ends to the inch.
It's design is a combination of DLDDL with a light panel
between borders. As one can see it is a 5 thread repeat and
then treadles in the same manner.

Sassy bit the bullet and wound a 5 thread thread warp repeat.
Oh my! Such bravery. On the plus side: it wound readily, it
beamed beautifully, and hemstitching was a breeze with 5 thread

The threading was a straight draw twill. So, of course, the threading
required that Sassy have her wits about her. A five thread repeat on
a four thread threading  kept her on her toes.

The two shuttle weaving is fairly friendly. No daydreaming allowed.